Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Picture Dump!

If you don't want to see 28 pictures of our summer life then don't read this post!  It's heavy on the summer fun and cousin time!

June has been a lot of cousins, playdates, adventures around town and keeping cool when it's 90+ degrees out.  Ryan set up a shade structure over the kiddie pool so most mornings we can spend out back.  Every day after naps is Giddy's (limited and his beloved) screen time because it is BOILING hot and we can't do anything except laugh at the Trolls movie while we drink cold smoothies.

Enjoy all the pics!

A full house last week on our playdate!  This was lunch time and it was wonderful mayhem

I solo adventured to the zoo with the boys last Friday because it was rainy and 60 degrees all morning.  They were angels, I absolutely couldn't believe what an easy successful trip it was

Grandma and Grandpa Decker planned a "leprechaun hunting" trip to Tiny Town.  All the big cousins went and I think they had a pretty fun time riding the train and climbing in the houses

Hunting is hard work!

Giddy's two favorite places: the library and jail

Saturday night each of the boys were at a Grandmas house so we went to a wedding reception in the mountains.  There was a food truck and beautiful views plus a nice date to ourselves

More cousins!  We celebrated a belated Father's Day on Sunday.  Everyone's expression conveys something so different even though they are all doing the exact same thing haha

Baby Boy has been sitting up longer and longer unassisted!  Plus another zoo shot

Baby Boy and his cousin Fynn who is 11 days younger.  They are already BFF's.

Baby LOVES solids but not purees.  He likes to chomp on banana, peaches, squash slices and avocado.  He's a big boy who cannot be bothered with baby foods ;)

He's a very big helper with the laundry.  On the right is a random shot from Father's Day when we went to a nearby splash pad for the morning

This about sums up our after dinner routine when it's too hot to go on a walk:  kiddie pool, hose time, get naked if you're name is Giddy!

Giddy and I spend the morning in the shade out back while Baby naps.  He had a mouth full of blueberries which is his new favorite fruit

Baby stared physical therapy yesterday.  He's very jerky and rigid so we go once a month to be evaluated and really start exercises when he begins to crawl and walk.  We have to stay on top of his muscles and movement so none of his muscles or ligaments/tendons shorten or develop improperly

Today we had a playdate with our friend Jayni and Ali and their boys.  There are 6 boys between our families and the time is WILD but always fun.  Three two year old boys = mass chaos.  I love it!

Two climbers exploring the yard

And we'll end with two pictures of this sweet fat baby!  I told you he's sitting up so much!  He's grinning from ear to ear in both pics and I so wish I could show off his chunky little cheeks

That wraps it up for us!  We have a low key remainder of the week.  We're working on consistent discipline with Giddy Lou (pray for us and his tiny heart!), getting our house in order and finishing some home projects and relaxing :)

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.

Psalm 138:8

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